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Helping our wildlife through education

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Serving the community of orphaned and injured wildlife, the community of citizens bringing animals to our attention, and the community of wildlife rehabilitators seeking education and support.

Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release

Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release, Inc. was created in 1994 by group of wildlife rehabilitators who saw the need to create an organization to handle the intake and distribution of the wild animals that the Animal Humane Society (AHS) in Golden Valley, Minnesota had been taking in for over 30 years.

From 2002 to 2015 WRR helped directly support the care of thousands of wild animals annually admitted to AHS’ wildlife exam room through financial support, rehabilitator placement, rescue, and expertise.

After AHS discontinued their wildlife program, WRR refocused our mission on support to community-based wildlife rehabilitators through trainings and education; support programs such as Formula Reimbursement and Veterinary Support; distributing supplies; and community outreach and orphan prevention education.

WRR continues to this day to recruit and train new rehabilitators, support existing rehabilitators, and educate the public about wildlife rehabilitation.

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Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release

Success Stories

Here's a few stories of our many assisted wildlife thanks to our members and our Minnesota facilities.

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Bambi’s Great Recovery

A DNR Conservation Officer and State Patrol Officer found a fawn with a broken rear... Read More

Wildlife Rehabilitation & Release

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Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance that can be used towards continuing education requirements for a wildlife rehabilitation permit.

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